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Our BBQ Catering Team

Our amazing BBQ catering team is dedicated to making sure your event becomes an unforgettable catering experience, blending mouth-watering flavors with impeccable service. With a passion for excellence and an eye for detail, we ensure every aspect of your event is handled with care, turning it into a memorable culinary celebration.

outdoor grilling company BBQ

Outdoor Grilling Company BBQ (OGC)

One of the finest rewards that we have ever been given was earning our customers respect and trust. Our legendary BBQ, along with impeccable service and renowned reliability has our countless repeat catering customers labeling us as all-around "BBQ Excellence".

Going the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied is the foundation of what our company was built on. We are a family owned business and if you are not a repeat customer, you will soon see our reputation out in full force! There's a reason why we have been BBQ catering Phoenix AZ at an exceptional level for decades.

Good food for your all day good mood

"As the proud owner of our Outdoor Grilling Company, I believe that every event we cater is not just a meal, but a unique story we help to tell. Our commitment to exceptional flavors, meticulous service, and creating unforgettable experiences is the heart of what we do, and we look forward to making your event a cherished chapter in our story."

Tim Denman, Founder / Operator


We Guarantee,
30 Minutes Delivery

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